Our Standards

For General Food Products

- Wholesome & free from adulteration
- Produced in hygienic environment
- Free from exploitation of workers, environment and animals in the supply chain
- Honest branding & advertising
- Fair pricing

For Non-Meat & Relevant Food Products

- 100% Vegetarian
- No Alcohol used in the production process
- No estihala, so the end product does not contain traces of non-Halal ingredients

For Meat Products

- Free range & fed with organic or natural feed
- No stunning or any of type of torture
- No mechanical slaughtering
- Slaughtered by Muslim slaughter man as per the teachings of Islam

Azka in arabic means purest and we at Azka Assurance strive for purity in everything we do. Following are the core parameters we consider in certification along with the standards set by SMIIC the Standardisation body of the OIC - Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

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